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Technical Assistance

Support AGC offers to best service to its customers, counting on high efficiency in the attendance, and also quality and speed. Our specialists will be always prepared to helping by email, phone or fax.

*Important Information for Customers*

Support for equipment purchased by sales channels unrecognized

Please be advised that for determination of EXFO and Sumitomo manufacturers, equipment purchased abroad or through sales channels not recognized by such manufacturers will not receive support, warranty, maintenance, repair or calibration at the factory and Authorized Repair Centers. The owner should contact directly with the central original sales to request support.

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Services offered


The calibration not only guarantees the value of its measurement, as it provides high level of security, quality and performance.

Technician from AGC inquires if the equipments are inside of your specifications and executes the necessary adjustments in accordance with the patterns and procedures established by the manufacturer.

The calibration certificate is issued for the measurement equipment, having certified its conformity.


We offer services of corrective and preventive maintenance. These services include complete tests of performance to certify if the equipment can be calibrated (excluding the calibration certificate).

Complete Service (Repair and Calibration)

It includes the calibration and the repair above described, but with a reduced price.

Services by Appointment

Aiming at reducing the waiting time for the maintenance of your equipment, contact the support AGC and request the repair of your units.


We count on a laboratory equipped with calibrated instruments, tools and resources of hardware and software (beyond the controlled temperature and humidity), assuring the ideal environment for the accomplishment of tests, calibration and maintenance of its equipment.


Our technicians had been highly prepared (in the own manufacturer, in U.S.A. and Canada) exactly to instruct better, to identify and set imperfections, searching always the best solutions to attend your necessities.


We are located in the second bigger center business of the city of São Paulo, and the access is easy: Avenida Engenheiro Luís Carlos Berrini, 1.139, 4 andar – Brooklin Novo – Cep: 04571-010 – São Paulo – SP.


Contact us! It will be a pleasure to serve you!

Phone: 55 11 5505-6688
E-mail: suporte@agc.com.br


  • Whenever you enter in contact with support AGC, take the model of your equipment, serial number and/or software version.
  • All the repaired equipment possesses 90 days of guarantee in the changed parts and finished services.