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The AGC NetCom is a brazilian company, with 21 years of performance in the market of telecommunications.

Known in the Brazilian market for long partnership with companies of international reputations in this area, it was the first company to offer a complete equipment line for optic instrumentation.

Beyond the highest technology in terms of products, it offers local services through easiness as: local training, local support, manuals in Portuguese, and also software in Portuguese (the AGC Netcom was the first company to supply equipment with software in Portuguese).

It has as main differential the focus in its customers, in other words, the offered products are of high technology, with the same responsibility offered for the manufacturer. (Remembering that its Center of Maintenance is credential in Brazil).

The AGC Netcom is today a reputed company, because of its wide experience in the market where it acts, and also its description in this market, in wich was the pioneering in diverse activities: to offer operational training of all the products that it supplies; the first Brazilian company to export products of optic technology, and also the first one in the market of commercial representation to receive technology from the CPqD and to produce local.

Closing the cycle of the ?pioneering?, it was the first company to offer services of local repair, with guaranteed return in 48 hours (or another equipment of loan).